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Sulcis in Fundo - 2019, ongoing


"Those I prefer are those who work hard, obedient and possibly silent"

This is the message signed by Benito Mussolini with typefaces at the entrance to a closed mine.

Sulcis in Fundo investigates the socio-economic effects of globalization on a small province of Sardinia whose identity has been shaped by the nature of its workforce.


The ongoing technological revolution is reshaping all economic sectors, with unprecedented speed and intensity, making the workforce more and more in excess of the needs for capital enhancement. Globalization has reduced the bargaining power of the workforce of advanced countries, exposing it to competition from the huge reserves of low-cost labor in emerging countries, especially in standardized production segments .

The province of Sulcis used to be a strategic minerary basin first and than a siderurgic plant, today is on of the most unemployed province in Italy. When the mines closed the area has become a center of the chemical industry: in the villages adjacent to the plants there is talk of ascertained biological damage: you cannot consume the milk of the sheep that graze nearby, eat their meat or collect crustaceans, much less cultivate the land.

Amongst the youngsters the resignation translates into early school leaving:

more than 35% are NEET.

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