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The Game - 2018


Every day hundreds of migrants fill their rucksacks with the bare minimum to play The Game.  

Thats how they call the attempt to cross borders: The Game,

because you can win or lose. Or maybe just to downplay the fear.

After the harsh Serbian winter, the traffickers opened a route through Bosnia. At the beginning of 2018, the first adventurers appeared in the streets of Sarajevo, first in the tens and then in the hundreds. With the tourist season just around the corner, the Bosnian government is found completely blown away, unable to provide any kind of immediate response. In Sarajevo, at the station, you stop for a few days, the time to find the trusted trafficker, to negotiate the price and get the money, then you go to Bihac or Velika Kladusha, towns two hours apart. on the Croatian border, where Slovenia is closest. Within a few weeks, the traffickers arrived with their complete packages. Passages by car, false passports, passages in trucks, prices range from 2000 to 4000 euros per person. Camped in abandoned buildings men, boys, women and children of any age, religion, status, left to fend for themselves.

There is no other topic, in the echoing voices of the camps where Pakistani, Arab, Pahstu and Farsi become a unique and incessant chant, besides tales of the game. Those who leave, with good clothes to go unnoticed, and those who return, tired and dirty after days of walking with sores on their feet and empty pockets because, as usual, the Croatian police take away their money and break their cell phones, pulling them to the ground or breaking the charging cable entry.


In fact, the mobile phone is the most indispensable object for the game, after the power bank,

to make your way through the woods.

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